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Colour and Size options for our MouseMesh airbrick grills

MouseMesh mouse control airbrick grills in choice of colours and sizes

Pricing and Delivery

Please see our buy pages for current prices and delivery to Northern Ireland and to Eire.

Construction of our Standard Mouse Grills

The grill itself is made of a stainless steel mesh that even the smallest mouse cannot enter.

The outer frame of our standard MouseMesh Grills is made of a hard and highly durable plastic.

Stainless Steel Mouse Grills

We also offer all the sizes shown here with a stainless steel mesh and frame.

Colour choice

As you can see from the graphic, the grills are available in brown, white or black (or stainless steel: "ratmesh")


The smallest of our airbrick cover grills is designed for standard airbrick occupying the normal nine inch brick used in the majority of house. Some airbricks occupy more than one course of bricks and so we offer two larger sizes.


All MouseMesh Grill are 245mm wide (9.75ins) - only the heights vary.


  • Small MouseMesh: height: 95mm (3.75ins)
  • Medium MouseMesh: height: 170mm (6.75ins)
  • Large MouseMesh: height: 245mm (9.75in)
The Mousemesh airbrick covers are designed to prevent mice from entering your home - and the stainless steel version will stop rats from entering your home. Since they deter mice and rats there is no need to employ mice traps, glue traps or rat poison - they are humane alternatives for pest control.
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