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Keep your home pest free

Pest Control in your home

Effective pest control is a requirement for most buildings and especially at home and those places where food is stored or prepared. Effective methods of control can employ high technology ultrasonic, electro-magnets or even electrocution methods! There are, however, many simple products and solutions to eradicate domestic pests e.g. rats, mice (especially house mice), moles and squirrels. Many insects such as cockroaches, bees and wasps can also be a pest.

Once such pests have been eliminated it is wise to prevent their re-entry into a building. Blocking all possible entrances such as holes created by broken bricks and air vents is essential - and it is worth noting that mice can pass through a hole no larger than the thickness of a pencil! Carefully check all round your home for all the small holes that could be an entrance for a mouse.

Holes in brickwork can be filled in with cement or plaster and airbricks can be covered with wire mesh or a commercial product such as MouseMesh.

This preventative approach has the added advantage of being a humane way to avoid domestic pests since it obviates the need to use poisons and traps. Equally you do not need to experience the very unpleasant task of removing the dead house mice from mouse traps. If you use humane mouse traps you do not have to take the house mice the required two miles away from your home to ensure it does not scamper back.

Whilst we are often berated for closing the stable door after the horse has bolted it is good advice to bolt household entry routes after the mice have been routed!

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Although initially designed to keep mice from entering your house, Mousemesh has such a fine mesh that it will prevent most insect pests from entering your home through airbicks.
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