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Buy Mouse Mesh Grills in Your Currency - delivered throughout the 32 counties

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NEW - All Stainless Steel Rat and Mouse Grills now available

MouseMesh Airbrick Grills prevent mice entering the home

Postage cost for our Mesh Mouse control products

  • No matter how many Mouse Mesh mouse grills you buy, you pay a flat rate.
  • For orders in Euros, p&p is €9.50.
  • For orders in UK pounds, p&p is £7.50

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you don't need a Paypal account to pay for our airbrick covers with Paypal

We use the tried and trusted Paypal system for your security and peace of mind. Note that you do not need a Paypal account to buy our mouse control products, you may use any credit or debit card as long as it is not associated with a Paypal account.

If you do use a Paypal account - please login as normal when you get to the payment page.

Rats have been shown to be able to gnaw through plastic so Mousemesh have introduced a Mousemesh airbrick cover with a stainless steel frame - "RatMesh". This important pest control product will help make your home proof against the incursion of mice, rats and insect pests such as beetles, wasps and cockroaches.
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