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Welcome to Mousemesh - Humane Prevention of Rodents in Ireland

Mouse Mesh is the cost effective, long term solution to mouse problems.

Keep out the mice with Mouse Mesh

MouseMesh mouse prevention airbrick covers come in various colours and sizes

Mice control starts with Mouse Mesh grills. We offer three sizes and three different colours at present and each comes with straight forward fitting instructions. See our mice control products and get rid of those mice. Buy our mouse control products online.

Our airbrick grills stop mouse problems before they start - simple and cost effective mouse control

Mice in your home or on your premises can be a very annoying problem. Many of us look for a way to control mice without the use of lethal mouse traps. There are of course humane mouse traps and any number of stories about how to get rid of mice but the ideal is to prevent mice from entering buildings in the first place.

Mouse Control - prevention is better than cure

Mice can squeeze through gaps as tiny as the holes in air bricks. Mouse Mesh stops mice using the air bricks to enter your home. Here at Mousemesh we have designed a simple and durable mouse prevention grill which fits neatly over the air bricks. You can either screw or glue our grills over your airbricks and the job takes just minutes. Our mouse grills are stylish and durable and all have stainless steel grills. The frame is offered in either a tough plastic in three colours or in stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Mousemesh Airbrick Grills - Proof against Rats and Mice

read more about stainless steel rat and mouse prevention grills from MousemeshWe offer to an all stainless steel version of our mouse prevention grills ("ratmesh") in all three sizes. Rats have occasionally been able to chew through the tough ABS plastic surround of our conventional mouse grills. These new stainless steel grills will keep out both mice and the most determined rat. Read more about our stainless steel rat / mouse grills.

The video below shows rats chewing through a standard plastic airbrick that does not use stainless steel mesh (video length 4min 22secs).

Notice: ventilation of gas appliances:
These grills must not be used to cover gas appliance air vents. The build up of debris such as earth and leaves could restrict air flow allow a risk of the carbon monoxide poisoning.
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